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Welcome to my Blog, I'm glad you stopped by. I thought a little introduction was in order after I reviewed some Blogs of others and didn't have a clue what it was their Blog was about even after reading the last several posts. Not that it matters, if you like what I write, read on, if not, no harm no foul.

I began writing again after one of my grad classes last summer inspired me to do so. It was a class on the world famous author, Stephen King and it was incredible. In 2011 I received my Master of Arts in Liberal Studies degree from the University of North Carolina Wilmington. My undergraduate degree is also from UNCW in Sociology with a minor in Gerontology which I obtained in 2005.

A lot has changed since I began writing this Blog in 2010. I am rediscovering who it is that I am and what makes me happy. Feel free to read through from the beginning and see where I have come from and continue to follow along as I begin a new chapter in my life, one that proves to be interesting and filled with exciting challenges that I can't wait to share with the World. So for now, "Das ist Leben"...this is life!

Monday, October 11, 2010

A Walk to Remember...beware of pictures!

Matt and I decided to take a walk Friday evening down to the City Center in Böblingen which has many fun shops, nail & hair salons, clothing stores, and eateries. There is an underground parking garage, a Solarium (tanning salon) and a great grocery store; I can't wait to get our vehicle so we can do some real shopping. The walk from base housing is about 45 minutes and offers a pretty scenic view along the way...

It's fall in Stuttgart! 

Bitte ein Bit

I love Clock Towers

We began our walk around 4:00pm and it was beautiful outside, there weren't too many cars on the road and the temperature was just right for a stroll through the town wearing a T-shirt and jeans. I decided to look cute and wear my brand new, wine colored, low-top, Chuck Taylors...sans socks! I have never owned a pair of Chucks and figured they were like Sperry's and didn't need socks. Well, that was a massive mistake and lucky you, I took pictures to prove it. My pinky toes began to ache around the 15 minute mark and there wasn't a shop in sight in which to purchase socks so we kept walking until we stumbled upon a shoe store. This store carried hi-tech running shoes and apparently the best socks in the world because we paid 11,95 Euro for ONE pair! Today's exchange rate says that's just over $16.50! They even had a Left and a Right designator on these babies...when I'm able to wear shoes again, I'll take them out for a spin and see if they make me fly. Unfortunately, the socks didn't help, the damage was already done so I puttered forth at a snail's pace as we searched for flip flops.

Above the mask it says "Business" Hmmmm


Das Schnitzel Haus

We found what appears to be a fresh market or organic grocery store and I bought a bottle of Italian Cabernet for 3,45 Euro, Woohoo!! We'll definitely be back for more when we get our car.

Cabernet Del Piave 2008
Rapunzel Vinothek

City Center

Matt also found a tobacco shop that sells cigars but I don't think the ones he bought were very good. We kept walking until we made it to the City Center where I found my first sign of relief at a shoe store, in the men's "house shoes" section. I tried on several pairs of these and finally decided to go with a snazzy pair of size 40 (American size 7 Mens...9.5 Womens) "Relax" brand called "Der Wohlfühlschuh."

Comfy House Shoes

Schuhe zu Haus

I wear between a 6.5-7 normally so these are pretty big on my feet but they are lined with 100% wool and I am wearing them around the house every day, I don't care how large they are, they rock!

Now for the horror shots...
The "Enemy"

Poor "Righty"

Poor "Lefty"

Even after walking around for another hour or so, we decided to head to our favorite Böblingen restaurant, Hendlhouse, (their slogan is...wir grillen die hendl! Which means, "we're grilling the chicken") and have dinner and dessert before walking back home. For dinner Matt had the "Mega Burger" (Four times in a row now) and I tried the chicken strips, I usually go for the "Bier Hendle" but I wasn't as hungry this time and wanted dessert!

Fasten your Lederhosen

Matt's Eis Schokolade mit Vanilleeis

Meine Himbeere mit Vanilleeis

All in all it was a pretty nice walk and at least I broke in my new shoes!


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